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10,000 Dual-Filter Face Masks made for Maui medical professionals, first responders, and other critical personnel on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis.


Founded on March 20, 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis, Maui Face Mask Project's purpose was to address any possible critical shortage of N95 masks on Maui by manufacturing high-quality filter face masks for use by medical professionals, first responders, and other critical front line people.  The goal was to create 10,000 masks.  A main manufacturing location was set up at Seabury Hall in Makawao, with a satellite location in Hana.  The goal was reached on May 15, 2020 with the help of hundreds of volunteers and donors. 

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A Dual-Filter High Quality Face Mask designed by Russell Van Dyken and Dr. Irminne Van Dyken

The Mask


Our dual-filter face masks were modeled after a flat-fold N95 mask. They have a (1) surgical gown or sterilization wrap outer later, (2) 2 layers of 3M Filtrete 1500 filters which filters pet dander, bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles. This filter is also electrostatically charged — designed to pull in and trap small particles. Equivalent to a MERV-11 rating, (3) non-woven cloth posterior later, and (4) fitted nose piece and elastic securing straps.


These dual-filter medical-grade masks were given to Maui Memorial Medical Center staff in the Emergency Room, Dialysis, Admissions, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, COVID19 units, Labor & Delivery, and Endoscopy.  These dual-filter medical-grade masks were also donated to Malama I Ke Ola Health Center; Bayada Home Health, Care Resource Hawaii, Hale Mahaolu, Kaiser Home Health, Life Save Air Ambulance, and Maui Lani Physicians, as well as Surgeons, Dental Hygienists, Doulas, Hana Medical Professionals, Hana First Responders, Optometrists, Pediatricians, and Physical Therapists. 


On behalf of our Maui Memorial Medical Center nurses, I’d like to sincerely thank Maui Face Mask volunteers for hearing our cries and heeding the call while working together to protect our frontline workers. Your heroism and selfless unconditional love is appreciated unmeasurably. You each have shown exactly what makes Maui such an amazing place to call home. You have each exhibited the true meaning of community. Your masks allowed many of us to add another level of protection when we needed it most. I believe it was, and continues to be, instrumental in slowing the spread of Covid 19 during this indescribable time. I pray that we can collectively hold onto aloha and realize just how much we’ve grown closer on this island as a community that cares for one another as one ohana. He Moku He Wa’a, He Wa’a He Moku: Our canoe is an island; our island is a canoe.


– Jake Kirchoff RN Heart, Brain, Vascular Department Maui Memorial Medical Center


I want to thank Kathy Baldwin, Jenn Oberg and the dedicated volunteers for their generosity during this unprecedented time in our lives. Without the generous donations we have received over the past few weeks we would not be able to provide our members, staff and community with the much needed safety our community deserves. These are the times when we as an island community need to come together to help each other out and these volunteers have shown humility and love for our wonderful island of Maui. From the bottom of our hearts our frontline workers deeply thank you for your mask donations.


– Tammy Uehara, Maui Lani Kaiser Permanente Clinic


Excellent work Jennifer Oberg. Several doctors at the hospital and myself are eagerly awaiting your fabrication. Thank you to you and Russell Van Dyken for your dedication to keep our providers safe. You have the full support of our community and healthcare providers. Doctors across the country are impressed with what you have created and are eager to replicate your design. Thank you.


– Dr. Sonia Gupta, DDS, Maui Dental Group


Jennifer and Kathy, I want to thank you and your whole team for the wonderful masks that you provided for our sexual assault team and patients. They will truly serve us well. I want to especially acknowledge that the fit of the masks is fantastic! They are extremely comfortable and yet there is not a hint of an air leak! We love them! Again, thanks for your great gift to our community.


– William G. Kepler, M.D. Director, Maui Sex Assault Forensic Examiner Team

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